One of the most amazing aspects of overland life is getting to know other like-minded adventurers. There are so many of you out there doing incredible things on the road, and we here at Overlander want to highlight travelers that have inspired you.

The Overlander of the Month for March is Morgan from @jeepeater

Toyota Tundra with teardrop trailer

Morgan calls himself a "teardrop trailer builder, rock crawler, weekend overlander, and, of course, Toyota enthusiast." 

His buddy Mike - find him @xoomi on Instagram - who is a Toyota guy himself and drives an FJ Cruiser, nominated him as this month's feature overlander, saying:

"He takes his Tundra EVERYWHERE, we have been on trails that a full-size truck had no business being on. He also enjoys moving camp every night. Finding one good spot is great, but exploring for new camp spots everyday keeps things exciting. All while pulling a teardrop trailer he built himself."

That's the the kind of spirit for exploration we like to see. Check out Morgan and his family's travels on Instagram @jeepeater - he's got some truly epic photos! Keep eating those Jeeps, Morgan, they won't know what hit them. 

Toyota FJ Cruiser, sunset

From everyone at the Overlander and XO teams, huge congratulations to March's winner. And, thank you Mike, for nominating them.

Let's keep the positivity going - we're now taking nominations for April! Both the winner and nominator will receive a $100 gift card and a hat from

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