Pickup trucks are great - highly versatile, off-road capable, and work ready. But sometimes that truck bed can be a liability. With your stuff exposed to the elements and prying eyes, it's not always the best storage solution. Bestop has one of the most innovative solutions to this problem on the market - the Supertop.

Bestop closeup


Made of heavy duty Black Diamond fabric, which is laminated, PVC-coated sailcloth that is mildew resistant and UV-protected, the Supertop is a lightweight and durable solution to truck bed storage. Installed much like a fiberglass or aluminum topper, the weathertight Supertop eliminates many of the headaches of those old truck storage standbys. Supertop takes truck bed coverage and storage to a new level by offering a more versatile, adaptable and cost effective alternative to fiberglass bed shells.

Supertop on Tacoma

A fully integrated and flexible bow system creates the backbone of the Supertop, and that means no loose screws or bolts. The fabric paneling also means the Supertop can be easily installed or removed by one person. When you don't need it, the Supertop stores out of the way simply by packing it in its integrated case and hanging it on a wall. This allows you to keep the utility of your open truck bed when its called for, and installing it protects your gear when you're out on an overland adventure. The tinted rear window is removable, as are the roll-up side windows, which increase accessibility to the bed. The side windows also store in their dedicated pockets when not rolled down.

Bestop rear view

Unlike many rigid toppers, the Supertop works with any kind of bed liner, both factory and aftermarket. It's robust mounting system works with only four easy to use clamps and the integrated bulkhead and tailgate bars. The fabric is pulled taut to eliminate any chance of flapping or rippling in the wind. For added safety and visibility, an optional third LED brake light is available. On top of it all is Bestop's two year warranty for extra peace of mind. 

The Supertop is available for a wide variety of pickups - both compact and full size. With its flexibility of installation, it will fit on classic rigs as well as modern ones, and can easily be adapted to different trucks. No need to buy another expensive new topper should you decide to change rides. It even works with 5th wheel and gooseneck hitches for the towing crowd.

Supertop on Jeep Gladiator

Overlander stocks Supertops for a range of popular platforms, from Chevy Silverados to Toyota Tacomas. Take advantage of our 60 day Trail Tested guarantee and our outstanding customer support to help you build your best overlander every step of the way.



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