Tailgating Overland Style

Tailgating Overland Style

by Stephan Edwards

Vehicles built for overlanding are highly versatile and multi-purpose. When you’re traveling in remote places your rig needs to do it all: shelter from the storm, sleeping quarters, garage for gear, and, of course, mobile kitchen. That makes your overlander the perfect tailgating platform. You can be a high-end parking lot gourmet at the game just by setting up camp.

Fridge with dude.

Overland Tailgate Set Up

When you're cooking for a crowd, whether way out on the trail, at the game, or in the local park, with a little planning your overland rig will be the hit of the party. You won't be reduced to sweating out in the sun on the asphalt and just throwing some sad hot dogs on the grill, either. 

Throw Some Shade

We profiled some of the best portable awnings you can get just last week, and having a place to chill in the shade is key both for chefs and for hungry tailgaters. With 270 degrees of coverage, Rhino-Rack's Bat Wing is the ultimate in protection from the sun's rays and will keep everyone comfortable all game long.

Power Up

With a robust portable battery system like Yeti's Goal Zero Portable Power Station, and a couple of solar panels you'll be able to run an entire household's worth of kitchen appliances, radios, and TVs. The Yeti even has a built in AC inverter, so go ahead and bring the blender for frozen drinks, and keep the rest of your beverages cold in your 12V fridge. No need to mess around with heavy coolers and rapidly disappearing bags of ice.

Eezi Awn Table

Grab Your Seats

With ARB's line of affordable and super-plush Air Locker camp chairs, everyone gets a good seat for the game. For extra strength and added comfort, ARB builds these chairs slightly larger than others on the market, but still keeps them compact enough to be folded and packed in a convenient carry bag. And the Air Locker also features a sturdy foldable drink tray that's big enough to accommodate your burger, too. 

ARB Air Locker Chair

ARB Air Locker Camp Chair

Iron Chef On Wheels 

Speaking of feeding the crew, the sky's the limit for your culinary creativity when you have a comprehensive overland kitchen at your disposal. You won't be stuck with the boring tailgate standards with a range of high quality cookware and plenty of convenient prep space. The legendary Stanley company has you covered at the stove and when you're ready to serve with their Adventure series Full Kitchen Base Camp Cook Set. From forks and knives to large, even-cooking pots, this set is easy-clean and highly practical.

Stanley Cookware

Eezi-Awn's sturdy camp tables slide conveniently out of the way in the K9 roof rack system for storage, and their dimpled stainless steel top offers the perfect surface for food prep and service. If you drive a pickup truck, for an innovative solution to expand your kitchen space, look no further than Mountain Hatch's tough and simple-to-install Tailgate Table.

Made of food-grade plastics, the Tailgate Table is an overlay that screws down to your tailgate to give you a much flatter surface. Now your tailgate can serve as a real table whether tailgating, camping, or if you just want to set that hot cocoa or frosty beverage down. This product is a heavy-duty FDA approved 1/2 inch plastic with UV inhibitors and it also doubles as a tailgate protector. 

Mountain HatchMountain Hatch Tailgate Table


Keeping your tailgate tidy is easy with the Trasharoo - it stores all your refuse out of the way and off the ground. And, don't forget Rotopax's 1-gallon water containers for hydration and easy clean up at your fingertips!

For meal inspiration, check out Marco Hernandez's The Overland Cook. It has a ton of recipes designed specifically for outdoor kitchens on the go. What do you like to cook at you tailgates? Any useful camp chef hacks? Drop those ideas down in the comments!

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