Rack ‘Em Up: The Overlander Guide to Roof Racks

Rack ‘Em Up: The Overlander Guide to Roof Racks

by Stephan Edwards

The roof rack is the most versatile of overland accessories.

A well-fitted roof rack can provide storage, lighting, shade, a place to sleep, and security for your tools and outdoor gear. A quality roof rack should last the life of your vehicle, and it should become an extension of your overland rig itself, rather than a separate accessory. 

We've covered a lot of ground here at Overlander concerning roof racks recently - including important considerations for choosing a roof rack, as well as how to get the most utility out of your rack once you've installed it. To recap, it's best to think of a roof rack as a system - and the best roof rack systems are modular, low profile, light weight, and absolutely bomb-proof. Now's a great time to think about upgrading your roof rack, and Overlander has a range of racks and accessories to fit just about any vehicle you can think of, from Subarus to Sprinters.

Eezi-Awn K9 Roof Rack 

Eezi-Awn is a legacy brand in the overlanding world, and this South African company knows its stuff when it comes to building roof racks. Their K9 Roof Rack System is a revolutionary advancement in expedition-style racks; it is thinner, lighter, stronger, quieter, more functional, more aerodynamic, more durable, and more aesthetically complimentary to your vehicle than ever before.

Made from matte black powder-coated, extruded aluminum with fully-welded joints (not bolts), the low-weight K9 offers an infinite number of gear organization configurations. At only 1-3/8" thick, the platform itself is very low-profile with aerodynamic edging that won't slow you down. With a modular system outside your vehicle to accommodate shovels, axes, jerry cans, and more, you save valuable space inside your vehicle. Designed with your specific vehicle in mind, the K9 system can also take on accessories from popular brands like Thule and Yakima, and it installs easily with gutterless, gutter, and OEM roof mounts. 

Prinsu Roof Racks

Prinsu Roof Rack

Prinsu Modular Roof Rack

Based out of Idaho Falls, Idaho, Prinsu is a company that's been "changing the offroading game and clearing the way for your next adventure" for quite a few years now. And, when it comes to attention to detail and innovative design, Prinsu racks have quite a few features that set them apart.

From their ingenious "no drill" mounting system, to their full-aluminum modular construction, Prinsu racks are rugged and versatile. The crossbars are made from a 1" x 2" aluminum extrusion that has two top facing T-slot channels, a fore and aft channel and two bottom facing channels. This offers numerous solutions for tie-down options, cargo security, and the addition of accessories such as tool mounts or lighting. All mounting hardware is either stainless steel or high-quality zinc plated. Most racks also include a 1/8" 5052 aluminum plate wind deflector to help with aerodynamics and prevent wind noise.

Prinsu roof rack on Toyota Tacoma

Prinsu racks are completely modular in that you choose how your rack is configured. Each rack comes standard with nine cross bars for cargo and ine additional for mounting of a wind deflector, light bar or combination of the two. But, you can also choose the number of crossbars you assemble your rack with for a custom install.

Front Runner Roof Racks

We've profiled Front Runner racks in other articles here on the Notebook, but it's worth reinforcing just how strong these racks really are.

The Front Runner all aluminium Slimline II Roof Racks are engineered with modern vehicles in mind and are built for off-road adventure with on-road sophistication and style - the Slimline II as equally at home in the city and wilderness.

All Front Runner Slimline II Roof Racks are constructed with a commitment to quality in the Front Runner factory in South Africa. Each rack is engineered to meet the exacting demands of professional adventurers who navigate extreme road conditions day in and out.

Front Runner roof rack on Sprinter van

The Slimline II modular roof rack system is off-road rated, holds up to 660 lbs and has seven different mounting systems with 55 different sizes to fit 100's of vehicles, including popular platforms like Mercedes Sprinter vans and Subaru Crosstreks. The more than 50 Front Runner Rack Accessories simply bolt to sliding channels on the top, bottom, and sides of the rack, so you can customize your storage system from all angles. 

Rack Questions?

Want to make sure you have the exact right fit for your vehicle? Questions about roof rack accessories? Wondering how much gear your rig can handle on the roof? Leave a comment down below, or reach out to Overlander's crack customer service team. We'll help you get outfitted and down the trail.

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