Overlander Interview: Overland Pioneers

Overlander Interview: Overland Pioneers

by Stephan Edwards

Jeremiah Oschwald and Braxton Klavins from Overland Pioneers have been … how do we say it …  pioneers in creating compelling and practical overland videos. Their spirit of exploration is only matched by their incredible creativity and skills behind the camera, and their Jeep Gladiator is one of the sharpest and best equipped out there. Overlander has been proud to partner with OP on their adventures across North America.

Based out of Lexington, KY, Jeremiah and Braxton have explored all over the continent - from Nova Scotia to Utah. And, they are completing a long expedition along the Trans America Trail that they are documenting on their YouTube channel. Personable, accessible, and keen visual story tellers, Jeremiah and Braxton are the kind of folks you'd love to share a campfire and a beverage with. Their passion for overland travel is infectious!

Overland Pioneers Jeep

Recently, we chatted with Jeremiah to see what makes these OG overlanders tick (edited for clarity).

Overlander: Why did you get into overlanding?

Jeremiah Oschwald: My dad told me to see the world but not wait until you're retired to do it. But Expedition Overland really put a fire under our keesters to get into overlanding. Our first real trip was to the KOAR (Keweenaw Overland Adventure Retreat) event and that solidified it for us

OL: Why did you choose the Jeep Gladiator?

JO: I love the Jeep and the solid axle platform. We started with a two door JK, so going to the Gladiator with the added room of a truck bed was a huge bonus.

Overland Pioneers Jeep

: What's one reason you find it a great overlanding vehicle?

JO: I joke and say it’s the Honda Civic of the off-roading world. There are always a ton of options to modify and change it however you want.

OL: Are there any limitations you've found in the Gladiator platform?

JO: It’s big for east coast trails! Appalachia has narrow forest trails, but other than that I have zero complaints

Jeremiah Oschwald and Scott Brady
Jeremiah Oschwald (far right) withOverland Journal's Scott Brady (far left).

OL: What is the most useful product you have found to have on the trail?

JO: We don't often use them, but a good winch and snatchblock.

OL: What is your favorite tool to have on the trail?

JO: Good maps! But that goes along with reliable GPS (we use an InReach Mini) and the Gaia GPS app for us. Always pre download maps and have alternate routes scouted.

OL: Who inspired you to Overland?

JO: As mentioned earlier XO, not just for the adventure but game recognizes game! They are fantastic storytellers!

Overland Pioneers Jeep


OL: You partner with companies like Redarc and Overlander.com. What's next for you?

JO: We are excited to get the new XVenture XV3 trailer with galley slide out and see how many local (to where we are at the time) dishes we can recreate on the go!

OL: What is your ultimate overlanding trip or goal?

JO: I think the Pan America Highway is everyone’s bucket list trip, but I’ll keep it simple with Canada and Mexico next year.


Stephan Edwards with David Lewis.
Photos: Overland Pioneers

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Eric Hadley
Eric Hadley

November 03, 2021

Great read and some amazing photos. We are looking forward to seeing this new XVenture Trailer!

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