A Breath of Fresh Air: How a Raised Air Intake Works

by Stephan Edwards

A raised air intake, more commonly known as the “snorkel”, is one of those overland tools that explorers the world over have used for many decades. But why?

Rainy Season in Southern Africa

by Stephan Edwards

The Overlander Notebook returns again to one of the overland traveler’s dream destinations - Africa. In the wildest places of Botswana, the rainy season reveals many surprises and quite a few challenges. 

Splish, Splash... Taking a Bath? Staying Squeaky Clean on the Road

by Stephan Edwards

More often than not we all get sweaty, gritty, and a little bit stinky out on the trails.  What do you do for your personal hygiene when you’re living out of your vehicle for long stretches? 

Burning Matters: Wildfire and Overland Travel

by Stephan Edwards

There are no more fire seasons, only fire years. Wildfire is one of the objective facts of wilderness travel in our day and age, no matter where you go. Prepare yourself for fire danger with a few important tactics. It could save your life.

Made in the Shade: Awnings for Rigs Big and Small

by Stephan Edwards

An awning transforms your camping set up from primitive outpost to a luxurious home away from home in just a few minutes. They're not just for shade and shelter from the rain, either.

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