Cold Weather Adventures Part 1 - Preparing Your Vehicle

by Stephan Edwards

I can see you there now, perhaps relaxing in your favorite chair near a wood stove, perusing the Overlander Notebook, or...

Getting a Handle on Drawer Systems

by Stephan Edwards

The convenience, security, and organization of drawer systems mean you spend less time shuffling gear around and more time having adventures.

Roll On: Deciding on Wheels for Your Overlander

by Stephan Edwards

There are few parts of your overland rig that suffer more abuse over their lifetime than your wheels.

Help! Emergency Communication and GPS Tracking on the Trail

by Stephan Edwards

Satellite communication is the twenty-first century lifeline in remote places. It's handy for a lot of other reasons, too. Those satellites orbiting 12,000 miles over our heads might just save your trip.

Keeping Your Cool: Mobile Fridges

by Stephan Edwards

The advantages of carrying an honest-to-goodness refrigerator in your overland vehicle are legion.

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